Making Rustic Boxes

I like to express my creativity in many ways. One is to make boxes in my woodshop. I’ve made many of them over the years. I enjoy the variety of styles and techniques they offer. Exploring new ideas for their design and construction is something I find challenging. Most of them have used milled woodContinue reading “Making Rustic Boxes”

Illuminating Photographic Best Practices

I just finished reading William Neill’s latest book, Light on the Landscape. Published by Rocky Nook, the book is available in both hardbound and paperback editions. It is filled with many of Neill’s exciting images, with a strong emphasis on his specialty, intimate landscapes. As a coffee table book, it succeeds admirably for the varietyContinue reading “Illuminating Photographic Best Practices”

The Importance of Having a Project

I love making images, but sometimes I have to ask myself why I’m making them. What’s my purpose in photographing? Will anybody ever see my photos?  And am I simply shooting to be shooting? When I start to question myself like this, it sometimes becomes hard for me to find the motivation to keep shooting.Continue reading “The Importance of Having a Project”

My Writing Practice

I write a lot. My output appears in several forms. I’ve published four books in recent years, supplementing several earlier books on technical subjects written during my professional life. I’ve written numerous articles. I write a monthly book review. And I am now engaged in a regular practice of posting to this and other blogs.Continue reading “My Writing Practice”

Why I Switched to Mirrorless

I’ve shot with Nikon cameras for something like 35 years, during which time I’ve gone through a progression of camera bodies and lenses that ranged from film into the digital domain of the current era. Until last year, I was shooting with a D850, with the D810 as a backup. Both are outstanding cameras. InContinue reading “Why I Switched to Mirrorless”

Intimate Landscapes: What They Are

An intimate landscape is simply a smaller selection of a scene. It might be a composition of the foreground rocks in an otherwise grand landscape setting or an interesting stand of trees or patterned image of just the trees’ branches abstracted from the entire forest. It might also be a close-up of colorful lichen on the rocks or the leaves on the forest floor.

About This Blog

In this blog, I’ll talk mostly about photography, the things I’m exploring, ways I’m challenging myself, lessons I’m learning, and interesting things that seem worthy of sharing. But I’ll also speak of writing and creative thought, about books that have impressed me and ideas I find challenging or intriguing.