From Waste to Wonderful

One of the most exciting photo books I’ve read recently is Lisa and Tom Cuchara’s Create Fine Art Photographs from Historic Places and Rusty Things. These outstanding photographers, whom we might call denizens of the dusty, frequent abandoned factories, prisons, and asylums among other neglected places in search of creative and often iconic images. InContinue reading “From Waste to Wonderful”

Wise Words for Grown-ups

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the early French long-distance pilot and author, is most famously known for his enduring classic, The Little Prince. But he wrote many other books, mostly drawn from his flight experiences in Africa, South America, and during World War II, when he ultimately died during a reconnaissance flight. The Little Prince is famousContinue reading “Wise Words for Grown-ups”

Birth of an Elephant

The opportunity to safari in Kenya was a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see and photograph big-game animals in their native habitat.  Early on our first morning out in the Land Rovers, we chanced upon a herd of elephants in a state of considerable excitement. During the night a baby elephant had been born to a youngContinue reading “Birth of an Elephant”

For the Love of Trains

There’s something about a train that’s hard not to love.  Many of their features are worth noting, but to my way of thinking, it’s the wheels that are most iconic.  This is especially true for the drive wheels of steam locomotives.  They were, after all, the motive power that moved heavy loads across miles ofContinue reading “For the Love of Trains”

Ode to a Bookend

Now the lion roars in silence Haunting phrases bound in covers, Mane on paws unsharpened resting, Stoic stillness never broken.   Solidly he lies in waiting, Words unseeing, deaf to meaning, Yet in majesty he lives, Bringing joy to one who watches.   Will that one the words uncover, Will the lessons he discover, OrContinue reading “Ode to a Bookend”

A Time to Give Back

As it is said in Ecclesiastes 3, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven, . . .” In my life, it is now the time to give back. I will do so by serving on the board of my local community services agency, whose services include mental health, substance abuse, and support for children, youth and the aging.

Shoot Adjectives, Not Nouns

In a recent podcast, Harold Davis, noted photographer and author of many excellent books, advised photographers to “shoot adjectives and adverbs, not nouns and verbs.” What in the world did he mean by this, and what are its implications for photography? I can only give my take on his meaning. I believe his intent is toContinue reading “Shoot Adjectives, Not Nouns”

Photographing Covered Bridges

One of my fascinations is photographing covered bridges. Often considered to be relics of a bygone era, they evoke a spirit of nostalgia. Though many have been replaced by steel and, more likely, concrete structures, many are still standing, more than a few in daily use. Though they can be found throughout the U.S., theyContinue reading “Photographing Covered Bridges”