Autumn in New York

We went back to Letchworth State Park for a second day of photography, this time focusing on intimate landscapes rather than the grand landscapes I showed in my last posting. The colors of the leaves remained at their peak, creating brilliant displays of the best the season has to offer. Following are some of the images I created. I hope you enjoy them. If so, feel free to leave comments.

The sun backlighting the yellow leaves created brilliant patterns in the dark woods.
The oranges and yellows of the leaves stood out against the dark tree trunks of the forest
There were fewer birch trees than expected, but the ones we found often provided a dramatic contrast to the darker trunks of other trees
Detail from one of the birch trees
Another view of the bright yellow leaves lit by sun coming through the trees from behind
The dark tree trunks point upward toward the wonderful rusts of the leaves
A final image of yellow sunlit leaves

Published by Norman Reid

I worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture for 27 years in the field of rural community and economic development. I retired a few years ago and have been devoting my time to photography and writing. I've been a semi-pro photographer for more than 25 years and sell my work on the Web. I live in rural Virginia not far from the Shenandoah Valley.

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