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I’ve published several books outside the technical domain of my earlier professional career.  They fall into several genres, reflecting my range of interests.


The Hero of Gucci Gulch: A Capitol Hill Mystery.  Amazon, 2014.  Paperback and Kindle editions.

A public interest lobbyist pursuing legislation to combat the threat of climate change finds murder and mayhem among opponents to his policy goals.  When an eager young colleague is murdered, the protagonist begins his own investigation, only to encounter threats to his own security en route to solving the crime.


Being Elephant: How It Feels to Be a Jumbo. Amazon, 2021. Paperback.

A poetic picture book inspired by the majesty of the world’s largest land mammals, the elephants, this collection of whimsical doggerel will delight children of all ages, from one to ninety-nine. Illustrated with beautiful color photographs of African elephants in their natural surroundings, the poem weaves an intriguing tale of what it’s like to live the free life of a jumbo in the remaining unspoiled land of their birth. The result is a feast for the eyes and a treat for the imagination.

Creative Composition for Landscape Photography: A Visual Guide to Improving Your Photographs.  Amazon, 2017. Paperback and Kindle editions.

A comprehensive guide to photographic composition written with the beginning photographer in mind.  Richly illustrated with the author’s photographs that supplement a non-technical text.

Shooting Iron Horses: Photographing Your Model Railroad.  With Jeffrey Fleisher. Amazon, 2020.  Paperback.

This is a guide for model railroaders and other miniature hobbyists who are seeking ways to improve the quality and variety of their photos and videos.  It addresses the whole scope of model photography, from gear to lighting to photographic.  It provides solid guidance on focus stacking techniques to obtain maximum sharpness throughout a scene and on making videos of moving trains.

Self Development

On Living Well: Reflections on Creating a Good Life. Amazon, 2021. Paperback

To live well—to have a good life—is a goal most of us seek. But what does it mean to have a good life? Is it, as is often believed, a matter of sating desires, amassing possessions and riches, or seeking personal enjoyment? Or is it about serving higher goals and reaching beyond pedestrian pleasures to contribute to the society of which we are all a part?

Drawing on the observations of wise observers across the ages, this volume argues that to live well means pursuing higher purposes, goals larger than personal satisfaction, and values that can give our lives meaning more lasting than simple pleasures.

Achieving a good life is not something that simply happens. Instead, like all worthwhile things, a good life must be constructed deliberately. Its building blocks are many. As this volume shows, much valuable advice about creating a good life can be gleaned from the writings of wise persons from the past. Drawing on a wide range of traditions, the advice collected herein constitutes a valuable set of guideposts to inform a journey to make one’s life a good life.


Choosing and Using Handplanes: All You Need to Know to Get Started Planing by Hand.  Amazon, 2017.  Paperback.

As the title suggests, this is an A to Z introduction to handplanes for woodworking that describes the range of types, how they are constructed and used, and how to care for them.  It was written as a supplement for the materials I can hand out in my woodworking classes, but it has proven popular as a guide for woodworkers wanting to get away from dusty, noisy and dangerous power tools.

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