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Being Elephant

I’ve just released my latest book, a poetic picture book for children. Entitled Being Elephant: How It Feels to Be a Jumbo, it’s a 41-page book with whimsical stanzas paired with photographs expressing the ideas in each stanza. It’s targeted for children from toddlers through the middle grades, though parents and grandparents will find it amusing as well. The full-color photographs make it an intriguing read.

From the back cover:

Inspired by the majesty of the world’s largest land mammals, the elephants, this picture book of whimsical doggerel will delight children of all ages, from one to ninety-nine. Illustrated with beautiful color photographs of African elephants in their natural surroundings, the poem weaves an intriguing tale of what it’s like to live the free life of a jumbo in the remaining unspoiled land of their birth. The result is a feast for the eyes and a treat for the imagination.

The book is available in a 7 X 10″ paperback format from Amazon.

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